Friday, December 25, 2009

Thoughts while watching Avatar

Not much to say really, except:

The storyline could easily be mistaken for:
a) A Bollywood movie from the 80s
b) Pocahontas
c) Lion King, even

The visuals were indeed brilliant. And watching it in 2D really wouldn't have had the same impact.

The setting could as easily have been the forests of South America or somewhere similar, rather than a whole new planet.

And finally, something that struck me. What gives humans this unbearable arrogance to assume that they can go wherever they want and make it their own? They've done it through the centuries - the British did it to India and other countries, the Amercians did it to the Native Indians, and in Avatar, they do it to the Na’vi on Pandora. It's really quite stupid, if you ask me.

For another very interesting perspective, you may read this.


Abhishek said...

i don't like your review! :-p

a traveller said...

I'm heartbroken.

Also, "Thoughts" do NOT equal "Review". Just fyi.

Abhishek said...

your "thoughts" is like a mini-review!

The Seeker said...

I'm going to see Avatar Monday, so can't say very much yet. As for 'what gives humans the right' - I certainly don't think we're unique in that.

ANC said...

Thank you very much for having the exact same thoughts as me regarding this movie. I think Arup Sen's head might be exploding somewhere :P