Cast of characters

The people referred to most often in my posts and tweets:

The mother, who refused to look at me the first time her first-born child was put in her arms, and said out of sheer exhaustion and trauma: "Take her away from me!" Further details here.

The father: He, I understand, was busy with some office files when I was born. It's where I inherit the workaholism from. Further descriptions here.

The brother: A wisdomous know-it-all, who was completely in awe of his elder sister as a child. Then he grew up. And wisened up. Pity. More here and here.

Kyra: My beloved golden retriever, referred to both here and on twitter as #theprincess. Spoilt to the core, adores the father, listens only to the brother and occasionally me, barks at all our close friends when they visit home, and ignores the people we only pretend to like.

The BFF: She blogs, very occasionally, here and in several other places that I cannot keep track of. She tweets here. She terrifies most people we both know. I like her mother more than her. And her grandmother supplied me endlessly with Georgette Heyers in my teen years.

The gal pals: Four women who I went to college with. My lifelines, and my biggest sources of exasperation. Do not understand my fascination with blogs or twitter. They discuss and make plans over BBM, and then inform me of the conclusion because I refuse to buy a Blackberry. Pfft.

S: Former colleague, fellow-probashi Bangali, sort-of neighbour, new soul sister. Has a twitter account but never tweets. Has featured in several recent blog posts without ever getting mentioned by name or initial, or even a label of her own. Older to me.