Monday, March 01, 2010

Confessions Part 1: Subodh, tumhe time yaad nahi hai?

Quick, have you seen Dil Chahta Hai? Of course you have, you weren't born yesterday.

D'you remember Subodh's character? You know, Sonali Kulkarni's boyfriend till Saif and she got together in what was the weakest part of the movie?

There was a brilliant scene in the movie where Subodh's tendency to remember exact dates and times of event was brought to light, like so:

The family literally howled with laughter the first time we saw this scene because, quite frankly, this is exactly how ze father is. Ever since, the brother and I have taken to interrupting some of his more boring stories with the line "Subodh, tumhe time yaad nahi hai?"

What has struck me recently, however, is the fact that I am in fact as bad as, if not worse than, him (the comma usage in this line needs checking). Case in point: this post. I mean, who remembers such stuff? Me, apparently.

Chances are therefore, that if I've known you for a really long time, and if you're kinda important to me, I not only know your birthday and phone number by heart, but also remember exactly how and where we met/became friends, and have at least one weird memory which you would have totally forgotten about.

I also totally have a memory ready to relate as an example about ze father but a, he may not approve, and b, it is really long and boring.

I see potential in entering the blackmail business though.


Anonymous said...

SELF CENTRED POST! hate to break it to you (not really) but EVERYONE remembers such stuff. Subodh is just OTT. that's my favouite scene from DCH though.

In fact your memory may be worse than mine, since you have clearly forgotten my very elaborate posts leading up to my 22nd birthday:

The Seeker said...

I take offence at the first two sentences of this post.

antiglam superstar! said...

Subodh! What weird memory do you have of me?? Tell tell! :D

Runjoo said...

i LOVE that scene :) :)
and im also like that...i remember really strange, inane details...which most 'normal' people forget. but i think its a family brother, my parents, my grandmother, my aunt are also like that.
(i like the blackmail idea!)

Unknown said...

btw rara I met someone who is the real-life subodh!! and he's married to someone you might faintly remember from college. remind me to tell you who...even though you might not be interested