Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pet peeves

I've been both lazy and incapable of writing for the last 6-8 weeks, which means June is almost over, and I've written nothing. And because there are too many things going in this world that are annoying and/or worrying me, I'm choosing for today to focus my energies on things in my world that annoy me. Pet peeves, so to speak. Or as the kids call it these days, #firstworldproblems.
  • People who won't press "Off" on the office microwave when they're done with it, so when I come to use it, it'll be at 00:03. This is hell on my OCD tendencies, people.
  • The fact that UPS and FedEx are nice enough to deliver on Saturdays, but won't bother coming to my apartment to check if I'm home (I am. Every. single. time. (Mostly.)), but will go straight to the leasing office and drop it off with them.
  • The fact that my leasing office works from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays, which is half an hour after I leave home in the mornings and anywhere between half an hour to two hours before I get home in the evenings. Which means I can only pick up packages (or express general annoyance) on the weekends, when I'm travelling more often than not. (Hence the 'mostly' tacked on up above.)
  • Pimples or zits that appear on my cheek at just the right spot that they're in my line of vision as I glance downward to type or write. I usually ignore my monthly bout of pimples for the most part, but the ones that like to appear at just that spot annoy me tremendously.
  • The fact that after surviving my teenage years without too many zits or pimples, I now have a nonstop outbreak of them more than a decade later.
  • Hotels that give soap bars instead of soap wash, because it just seems like such a waste - especially when you're there just for one or two nights, which is how most of my trips are. Also, hotels that ask you to reuse your towels, but then they fold up your towels and put them back with the clean ones, and if you're sharing the room with someone, you have no idea which one you used, and which one your companion did.
  • Banks that won't let you set travel alerts on your credit card through their mobile app or mobile website, and won't let you open their full site from your phone or tablet. What if I didn't bring my laptop with me, you geniuses?
  • The fact that every pair of black jeans I've ever bought fades to the point of turning white in a matter of months. What am I doing wrong here, people? (Apparently what I'm doing wrong is not turning them inside out before throwing them into the washing machine. Tch.)
  • The conference call I'm currently on, and conference calls in general.
  • Speaking of which, what is with ads or people in general saying they don't have a meeting till later, so don't have to go into work till then? Are there people who go to work only when they have meetings? When does everything else that meetings get in the way of get done?
Now excuse me while I go off mute and yell at someone for a while.