Monday, January 31, 2011


When do things slow down?

I thought it would be after I took those exams.

Then it was going to be after that huge project at work got over.

When that trip finally happened.

When that subsequent project got done.

When my applications got finished.

When my mother came back.

When this project got done.

When the project wrap-up finished.

But there's always another project, another crisis at home, another agenda to meet.

When do things really slow down?

Do they ever?


That's me said...

We wait for a particular event to occur to trigger a flood of activities which have been held back. But sometimes, that event never occurs and all we are left with is regret over lost chances.

Believe me, if you wait for a particular thing to get over, it never will. Please do not waste away any chance to slow down and have fun else you will be as regretful as me :(

shruti said...

Unfortunately, they don't. We just learn to make peace with the pace of it all.