Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why and wherefore

I sometimes wonder why I blog. I mean, I know I have a vast readership which just waits breathlessly for whatever pearls of wisdom I might spout next, but apart from that, why do I blog?

I have things to say, which I know very few people within my friend circle would enjoy listening to during random conversations. So I say them here.

Still, not all my thoughts get expressed. I start many a blog entries, only to discard them midway, either because I decide they're not worthy enough to get an entire entry dedicated to them, or I find myself unable to express them adequately enough.

My blog posts have also changed in nature over time. From venting spleen about my personal life, to cribbing about the ways of the world, to simple talking nonsense in the recent past, I'm growing more and more dissatisfied with my blog. Yet, I don't see myself giving it up anytime soon, because it is an outlet for me, an outlet I can't let go of, not yet at least.

Someone on hearing that I blog once pointed me towards her friend's blog, which put in words the best reason I've ever come across for blogging, and probably the answer to my original question. He says that blogging is perfect for those who don't like to sing when other people are around, but who have always wanted to sing in an auditorium.

Maybe that is why I blog. I have opinions. I may not be entirely comfortable expressing those opinions to other people, but I have them nevertheless and I wish to express them. Ergo, I blog.

PS: You see that little thing at the bottom of my sidebar? The one with the numbers? Now that not only tells me where you're from, but also how often you're visiting my blog. So leave some comments, why don'tcha? :)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A cure for Hypochondriasis

According to Roald Dahl in his book Boy, to check if you have appendicitis, when experiencing acute pains, you need to press the left side of your abdomen where the appendix is located. If it's soft, all's well. If it's hard, however, it probably means you're in for a tough time.

The other day, however, a friend, getting increasingly exasperated with my moans and groans, showed me another trick. When experiencing the aforementioned acute pains, try lifting your right leg. If you can, all's well! Because if you really do have appendicitis, the pain would be so bad that you wouldn't be able to lift your leg!

Didja know that now?!?

Of course, for actual diagnosis, you could probably use one of these methods...!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Fleeting moments in time...

I heard a beautiful analogy today (well, yesterday). Which I am now going to make a hash of as I clumsily attempt to explain it to you.

You know that dumroo Lord Shiva holds in his hand? Apparently, it is representative of time. One side of the dumroo represents the past, while the other represents the future. The string in the centre with something at either end indicates the present.

So what happens is, when you shake the dumroo, the things at either end of the string hit the two sides and make beats, right? That, my friends, is indicative of the present's relationship with the past and the future. What it indicates (and which was the whole point of the class discussion that led to this being mentioned) is that just as the string connects with the two sides only fleetingly, the present has a very minor relationship with the past and the future. Bottom line is, live in the present and don't worry so much about what has gone by or what will come.

You know, that sounded so much nicer when my professor told us about it.