Friday, March 02, 2007

Fleeting moments in time...

I heard a beautiful analogy today (well, yesterday). Which I am now going to make a hash of as I clumsily attempt to explain it to you.

You know that dumroo Lord Shiva holds in his hand? Apparently, it is representative of time. One side of the dumroo represents the past, while the other represents the future. The string in the centre with something at either end indicates the present.

So what happens is, when you shake the dumroo, the things at either end of the string hit the two sides and make beats, right? That, my friends, is indicative of the present's relationship with the past and the future. What it indicates (and which was the whole point of the class discussion that led to this being mentioned) is that just as the string connects with the two sides only fleetingly, the present has a very minor relationship with the past and the future. Bottom line is, live in the present and don't worry so much about what has gone by or what will come.

You know, that sounded so much nicer when my professor told us about it.


ZiggyStrauss said...

That's a nice analogy. I believe it. And I bet your professor said it better :p

Oh ugh... that letter recognition thing is still here? yuk.

Anonymous said...

i know a very interesting joke on M. Shiva, if u do not take it too religiously!!


Anirudh said...

Very informative and damn humourous...jus da kind of humour I on!! :)