Saturday, February 02, 2019

Locked out, Part 2

Okay, yes, I would like to preface this by saying this time it was absolutely my fault.

I could try and explain it away by saying I hadn't been feeling very well all day - a general sluggisness and tiredness had been bothering me. But the truth is, it was just sheer... stupidity.

Having decided to stay in town this weekend, the highlight of my weekend was going to be attending the birthday party of the three-year old son of a close friend. I had been charged with picking up the samosas for said party, arriving at 4 pm at their home (as opposed to party start time of 4.30 pm), and potentially carting both people and decorations/food from their home to the party venue. Due to aforementioned sluggishness, I was running late, and eventually left home without even remembering to wear any jewelry.

I had to pick up a gift bag for the kid's gift on my way as well, and since there's a Walgreens right across the street from the samosa place, I decided to do that first. I came back to my car, opened the boot where I had kept the kid's gifts, packed it into the gift bag, and shut the boot. Only to realise I had left my car keys inside the boot, and the car was locked.

I told my friends what was going on, called AAA, who said someone would arrive in 70 minutes, and fielded calls from the samosa place who wanted to know why I wasn't there yet. I also fielded off some supposedly helpful suggestions about trying to open the car door with a tennis ball - a, how, and b, in what universe does anyone think I just randomly carry tennis balls around with me? I also had to deal with a completely fair, but highly exasperated "Oh God!" from the newest reader of this blog, since she was the only one who knew about the last incident of being locked out, given that I went to stay with her that night.

In any event, AAA showed up within half an hour, proving for the second time in a month that the previous five years of membership with zero usage was completely worth it. My car was unlocked within two minutes, and with a lot less eye rolling than the last time I had to call them in (to be clear, for something completely different, but equally my fault).

And I was still the first person to arrive at the party. And the first comment I got was nothing to do with what had happened, but rather: "where are your earrings?!?"

So anyway, you guys, 2019 continues to be an excellent year.