Saturday, March 05, 2011

Quick, make a wish!

What all do you make wishes on? I wish when an eyelash falls, or when I get the wishbone while eating chicken. Or if I'm passing under a bridge at the same time a train's going over it.

I don't wash my hair on Tuesdays or Thursdays lest something happens to the brother.

I don't call anyone back as they're leaving home; if I do, I give them a glass of water before they leave again - comes from the mother's experience as a teenager.

I don't cut my nails after the sun sets.

I'm vegetarian on Tuesdays, and I don't eat beef - for no religious reasons, but because the parents don't, and therefore I don't.

I email the brother to find out if he's okay if a glass breaks at home.

The parents have always believed that having pigeons in your house means it's a happy house. We've never had a home without the presence of pigeons. On the other hand, I once read a book which said pigeons in the house are an omen of death.

I was six years old, when a vulture came and sat in our front lawn. My Thamma saw it, took a stick and chased it away, because it's an omen of death. Two days later, my Dadu, who was hospital in the last stages of leukemia, passed away.

Different places, different people, different beliefs.

What do you believe?

UPDATE (06 March 2011): Just saw this, and think it makes a lot of sense. I'm going to wish for the same thing next time.


Unknown said...

Wow. Honestly this is something I can really relate to.

That's me said...

I do not wash my hair on Mondays because I have a younger brother. I do not cut nails on any other day except Tuesday. I do not eat non vegetarian fare four days a week... and so on.

It is kind of reassuring to read your post because I always thought I was the only one clinging to certain superstitions. They might be unfounded and completely untrue but hey, why take a chance?

Anonymous said...

I never hand over a pair of scissors to someone. I simply place it closer to him/her to avoid a fight.

I don't step over a broom. My mother makes me retrace my steps if I do.

a traveller said...

"I never hand over a pair of scissors to someone. I simply place it closer to him/her to avoid a fight."

O em gee, me too!!! And I remembered just this morning that I'd forgotten to mention this - scissors or knife in fact; I avoid handing over both. :D

ananth said...

i tie my left shoe laces before the right. Something good usually happens that day!!