Sunday, December 20, 2009

I like... (Part 2)

NB: In continuation of this, partly because I've been cribbing way too much on twitter and facebook lately, and partly because I need it.

I like *drumroll*:

Dhaba food. Cases in point: Kake da Hotel (CP), Giani da Dhaba, (Kasauli), and the tea-stall across the street.

The changing weather in my Tree theme on Gmail - especially there's lightning, rain, or snow!

An unexpected compliment.

The startled blush someone gets when I give them an unexpected compliment.

Gol gappas from the neighbourhood market.

Dairy Milk chocolate.

Anything with chocolate, really.

The high of closing a project assignment that was my lead.

The sound of raindrops on the roof and the windows.

Playing Life or Uno with the family or the friends - and winning.

Getting Fevicol all over my hands, and removing it once it dries up.

The first glimpse of the brother at the airport when he comes home for the holidays.

Appreciation from a client.

The satisfaction of a job well done.

Late night conversations.

My dog's reaction when I come back from a trip - a repetition, yes, but it is so heartwarming.

My dog's ability to make the onlooker feel she's never received a decent meal in her life - particularly when there's cake around.

And her tendency to come plonk herself right in front as soon as a camera is pulled out.

Getting a math problem figured out.

The tweets back and forth that make for such fun conversations.


My blanket on a winter night - which is where I'm headed right now.

This was fun! :)


The Seeker said...

Nice post. But... Dairy Milk?

antiglam superstar! said...

Wow! Everyone should make such a list because it is THAT TIME OF THE YEAR!! :)

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

I agree with Antiglam! If I hadn't done something similar for Thanksgiving, I'd probably be making one right now :)

I'm with you on the chocolate, Fevicol and complimenting bit!

Merry Xmas! Hope Dwijo got back without further hassle.

a traveller said...

@The Seeker: Yes. Your point being...? ^o)

@antiglam: :) :)

@Puneet: Wow. You now join a very select group of friends who can actually spell his name correctly. But yeah, he got back OK. :D