Friday, February 29, 2008


I met a lady on the road the other day, while out with my dog for her evening walk. This lady obviously has some kind of puja that she does on a regular basis. As I passed her, she emptied a whole packet of vegetable peels in front of a cow, took a round of the cow muttering some chant under her breath, threw the empty packet on the side of the road, and walked off.

On the other hand, I met two very nice strangers today. I had only a 500 hundred rupees note in my wallet today, and needed change for my bus ride home. My usual source of change - the Xerox guy - let me down, so I stopped at the market near campus to try my luck there. The first shop I went to turned me down, but as I was leaving, one of the girls sitting there asked if 100 rupees notes would do. I said "sure!" and she handed them over. Not too many people part with their smaller notes so willingly.

I have so far very carefully resisted complaining about my issues with the public transport system on this blog. Suffice it to say, I don't like it. It is a complete pain, and getting home everyday takes me far longer than it should. Moving on. So today, classes got over early and the bus which brings me closer home wasn't due till two. Unwilling to wait two hours, I took the bus which brings me to just short of the border. From there, I took a cab to my usual bus stop, a ride that typically costs five bucks. There were three of us in the cab, and on the way to our regular bus stop, the driver asked us if we're students. All of us nodded. When we got to our destination, we held out the money but he actually refused to take it.

I've noticed the fact that I'm a student seems to get me some extra benefits from time to time. A couple of weeks back, I was late for class as usual, and there was no auto in sight. One finally showed up, and I hailed it with relief. Unfortunately, I didn't notice that there was an old army-type gentleman right behind me who had also hailed the same auto, and who therefore claimed he should get it. After growing increasingly belligerent for about five minutes, he finally asked me where I had to go. I said I have to go to college, and his entire demeanor changed. He made me get into the auto, and was practically blessing me by the time I left.

The point of this entry, you ask? You meet all sorts of people on the road. Plus I am fed up with my dissertation, and refuse to work on it tonight. And there's the fact that I wanted to cross last February's record of seven entries. Ooh, and today's the 29th of February. For another half an hour. Awfully apt title today, innit?


fintan said...

Good to know that it's still possible to meet nice people on the street... and I think the only extra benefit I get here is that newspapers are cheaper for students.
Anyway... happy birthday! ;)

a traveller... said...

thunkoo! :)

ZiggyStrauss said...

ramblings? Apt title? I don't like it... it is not specific enough. It doesn't grab the interest of the reader because of its negative connotations. If they think you are rambling they will be unlikely to read it because they'll be all 'oh what a waste of time - reading ramblings'

a traveller... said...

ram·bling (rmblng)
1. Often or habitually roaming; wandering.
2. Extended over an irregular area; sprawling: a large rambling country estate.
3. Lengthy and digressive: a rambling speech.

It's not supposed to be specific.

ZiggyStrauss said...

Yeah, so no one will read it. And sorry, but it's not digressive. You're so negative!!

It's so nice to fight with you after so long... I love you rahee :D

ZiggyStrauss said...

Oh by the way... two things:

1. "I said I have to go to college,"
^ see it's reported speech so 'have' should be 'had'


2. A cab from the border? which border? What sort of cab? I'm guessing NH8 and... the call centre ones?

a traveller... said...

No... The other side... I take the bus which is the same number as your favourite pair of jeans?

ZiggyStrauss said...

there are call centre cabs there too? oh... aya nags