Saturday, February 09, 2008


It's like the Weather Man just can't keep track of what the weather's supposed to be like in February.

What I don't like about winter: Washing my hands in that cold water.

What I really really don't like about winter: The wind!!! :(

What I do like about winter: Wearing a jacket after a few days' break and finding money in the pocket!!! :)


susheel said...

The cold really seems to have decide to stick around this year.

I mean, Presently I am in Mumbai and mumbai is not supposed to be a COLD place. Yesterday when I went for a stroll in the evening,it was COLDDDD...I later came to know them temp was around 7 degrees (Coldest in mumbai since last 46 years!!!!!)

Weather seems to be changing every passing year

ZiggyStrauss said...

Hah funny... it's like that here too. And this is supposed to be summer. I'm shivering, I kid you not. All those t-shirts are going to go to waste. Everyone was all 'oh, it'll be summer there!' ... yeah, well... not much of a weather-shock. I'm wearing a turtleneck and its still freezing.

Fintan said...

I'm not complaining about the weather here... 14 degrees in February is very warm. It's like April though... the weather changes completely every two days.