Thursday, February 14, 2008

The greatest love of all... quote Whitney Houston (well, not her exactly, but she sang the version of the song I have, so we'll just go with that) is learning to love yourself.

I've never been particularly fond of myself, but I have now decided I must take baby steps towards being more positively inclined towards myself. And valentine's Day having ended less than two hours ago, it seemed like the appropriate time to blog about it.

The first step was achieved some weeks back, when I finally accepted that almost everyone I know is right: I do have gorgeous hair. It's black, straight, and has grown to a very nice length, thank you. (I could also tell you what I don't like about it, but we'll not go there; we're being positive here.)

I insert too many side comments during my posts.

Less self-criticism should probably be the next baby step no?


ZiggyStrauss said...

Well maybe... I'd criticise you anyway. Yep... too many sidenotes, I agree. that means you're right! see? positive attitude. And I louve you! you're my valentine... willing or un

susheel said...

Beleive it or Not!!!!!

I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday.

Probably, the best way to be beautiful/handsome is to feel beautiful/handsome first. The best way to fall (or should I say "rise"?) in love is to love yourself first!!! what say?

susheel said...

Hmm...I dont think you use too many side notes.

Keep smiling and keep loving urself.

Wish you a happy (belated) valentine day. :-)