Saturday, March 22, 2008

Meme #2: Page 123, Line 5

Meant to put this up weeks ago, but didn't quite get round to it. I can't believe I haven't blogged in nearly a month! It's like I'm going the Zig's way! ;)

Another meme doing the rounds of the blogosphere these days is this:
Open the nearest book to page 123, go down to the 5th sentence and type up the 3 following sentences. Then, pass the message along to other people you want to invite to contribute to the game.
So the only book around me right now is Udai Pareek's Training Instruments in HRD and OD (dear Lord, I sound like a nerd). The chapter is Relevant Conceptual Frameworks of Personal and Interpersonal Orientation, and the section is on Coercive Bases [of Power]. So here goes:

"For the same reason, charisma is included in coercive power, because a charismatic leader arouses strong emotions, and get things done. The leader does not treat his or her followers as mature people who are competent to make their own choices. Referent power is different, as we shall see in the next section."
Everyone who reads this and has a blog, you are tagged.


ZiggyStrauss said...

Bluddy :/

O wel... I'm not littering my blog with all this. Now I have four books at equal distances from me. One is japanese. scratch that. Two have remote controls on them... too heavy. The third has a fork on it. I can lift that up. wait now...

Okay... it's called The Trouble With Paradise and p. 123 very conveniently starts a new chapter called: Virtue, power: the dilemma of US foreign policy

"Bush's ubderstanding of these interests turned out to reflect a very conservative ideology, and his actions in pursuit of them before September 11, 2001 - over the Kyoto greenhouse gas accord..."

You know... these sentences are waaaaaaay too long. That's not even ONE! Just go read the book... I'm too lazy to type two paragraphs (seriously... that's how long they are)

susheel said...

Here Goes my Page No 123,Line 5 (Dont think a Robot is writing this).. :-)

"If the received E-field is evaluated at some time, say at t = d"/C, Equation (4.39) can be expressed as a Phasor sum. (Series of Mathematical equation). Where d is the distance over a flat earth between the bases of the transmitter and receiver antennas."

Very interesting is it not?? :-)

You know what...Presently I am in Katmandu,Nepal. This place too is great to be.

And, your "Where are you From?" Map always shows my location wrong. Apparently it thinks I am somewhere in Europe... :-)