Sunday, August 26, 2007

Free association

I feel almost apologetic about the bombardment of posts this month.

So I'm just back from watching the movie Chak De. A quick review before I bring up the two points it brought to mind: Nice movie - rather well made, I thought. The girls were good, while SRK was annoying in the few scenes he had to give inspirational speeches, tolerable in the rest of the movie.

I'm not an SRK fan. Let's move on.

I was amazed that Aaj Tak agreed to give its name and be portrayed in such a manner. Aaj Tak is one of those channels I refuse to watch because the few times that I have found myself watching it, all i have seen is either the latest news from Bollywood, in which case I would rather go straight to Zoom, or very absurd things being reported with highly dramatic background music being played. However, from what I gather, Aaj Tak is also one of those channels which enjoys pretending it's a court and judging people based on little or no evidence. And you've got to hand it to them; it takes guts to go out and let yourself be portrayed in a manner you'd be stoopid not realize you're criticised for.

What was the other thing? Oh yes.

March 23, 2003 remains one of the most painful memories for me. My economics Board exam was three days away, but practically everyone in my batch had kept their books aside that day to watch the cricket World Cup final between India and Australia. Chak De totally ripped off the pattern for that World Cup in this match. Lost the first League match against Australia, come back with a bang to win every single match to follow, and meet up with Australia again in the finals. The only thing they didn't rip off was the goddamn conclusion of that match. Sheesh.


ZiggyStrauss said...

I like SRK. I think it's stupid not to. He's a good actor, but it's all right if you don't think so. Hoever that shouldn't be your basis for not liking him. He has a brain in his head and I like that.

Anyway, not much else I can comment on here. see you later! (not too much later, I'm guessing)

antiglam superstar! said...

oh yeah.. cricket world cup-2003 sure crossed my mind while watching the movie.. and so did the 12th boards!:(!
good movie.. good post..
Rock on!:)

a traveller... said...

why thank you... who's you though?

antiglam superstar! said...

what rrey! first u ask me to leave comments. then u ask me who's me?? :(
lol! njoi!