Friday, August 10, 2007

Reading habits

Methinks the man speaketh sense.

I've never read Fear Street. I was into Sweet Valley at one point though - only Twins; tried one High, but by then I was already moving into my "Dear Lord, what's wrong with the world" mode anyway. I also read the Animorphs series; my brother and I made every effort to get as many of the 60-70 books there were in that damn series to understand what the devil was happening.

I was more into L.M. Alcott and L.M. Montgomery in my early teens; late teens brought Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer into my life. Then I came across M&Bs and my reading habits have gone for a six ever since. Sheesh.

This is my quickest and unplanned-est entry ever.

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ZiggyStrauss said...

yes he does... first book is the Philosopher's Stone, but I'm sure you already noticed that. And he's absolutely right - fourth book on she was writing for adults.

I have got rid of all and any evidence of my Sweet Valley stage (I should not go through 'phases', they cost money). I don't remember exactly what all I read, or the series or authors Iwent through. I think I did a lot of experimenting, reading the books around the house. I eventually discovered that novels - the likes of David Baldacci and Robert Ludlum were not for me. Nor was John Grisham (always and anticlimax) and I took a solemn oath to never read a Tom Clancy (easy to keep, not like I'll ever get through it). I think I've got eccentric taste in books... I like picking up strange titles!

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