Friday, November 08, 2013

Of the week that was

Let's just talk about the week we've had, okay? Professionally, this was the week I finally seemed to be finding my groove after three months on the job. I knew what I was doing (sort of), I was telling people what I needed, I was navigating fragile egos better, I was getting "that's an excellent suggestion" type responses, and I finally got my own cube. Awesome, right?

On the life front, however, I can't remember the last time a week was so consistently disastrous. I am prone to disaster, yes - this is a known fact. But it's rarely been this prolonged.

So, to recap:

Monday - well, to be fair, Monday was fine. I mean, I fasted for Bhai Phonta. And I raced through an entire episode of Candy Crush saga in 24 hours. So that was awesome. And the evening involved a lovely, hilarious, emotional, and utterly cute session with the family involve phonta giving and cake cutting.

Tuesday - At lunch time I realized my wallet was nowhere to be found in my purse. Which was disconcerting to say the least, because if it was missing, it had been missing for well over a day since I hadn't used it at all the previous day (thanks to the aforementioned fast). After a "don't be stupid" from a colleague, I figured it might be in the other bag I had carried with me when I went shopping on Sunday so decided to wait till the evening before I panicked. In the evening, I got to my car and checked the other bag and discovered it was empty. On the way home, I called the store I had been in last on Sunday, only to be told they didn't have it either. I got home, emptied out my purse again, hunted all over the apartment, and then officially panicked. I figured I'd go down to the bank with my check book and withdraw some cash, so I'd have something with me. I picked up what I thought was my empty purse, thought it felt way too heavy to be empty, and finally looked into the middle zip pocket that I never use, and there it was.

Wednesday - My debit card got declined at the grocery store. I kid you not. I was using the self-checkout kiosk, and I still don't know if I really entered the wrong PIN five times in a row, or the machine was just stoopid, but the bottomline is I had to walk back home, get my other card (the grocery store is literally attached to my apartment building, so I usually walk down with a bag, my debit card, and my loyalty card for the store), and then go back to get everything.

Thursday - The day I truly topped myself. I woke up late, and therefore was running late already, when I realized I couldn't find my glasses. After spending a good 10 minutes hunting for them all over, I decided what the heck, I'll manage without them for a day, and decided to leave. just as I locked my door and started walking to the garage, I happened to glance down and there they were, just hangin' from the collar of my shirt. And if that wasn't enough, I went out to dinner with colleagues, found a fabulous parking spot right in front of the restaurant, locked my car and walked in, only to be called back by another customer who was leaving and noticed that while I had locked my car, I hadn't actually shut my door.

Friday - Today. Slept through my alarm, again, yet managed to hear an incoming text from a friend. Was driving to work, stopped at a light, only be suddenly thoroughly jolted because the lady in the car behind me didn't stop. My back hurts, my car is hurt, and I am so utterly thankful that this week is over. Now let's just keep our fingers crossed that nothing happens between now and the time I get home.

See y'all.

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