Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conversations I miss

The brother, to me, a couple of months ago:
People quote Voltaire, Shakespeare, and all sorts of great writers. You? You take pride in quoting Friends.

My aunt can be somewhat... decisive. She makes all these plans, and then just gets everyone to follow through. It's quite awe-inspiring, the way my relatives who're otherwise quite decisive themselves just give in when she gets going. The clan got together a while ago for a Sunday brunch, and she was railroading people into doing things her way as usual, while her husband watched with a resigned expression on his face.
Me: I think I'm going to be just like Mashi when I grow up.
Uncle: Good God.

The mother informed me some time back that the father and she had been having discussions of great importance:
Her: Your father and I were talking, and we have come to the conclusion we are now a middle-aged couple.
Me: Umm, hello? I've been calling you buddha-buddhi for ages now.
Her: Yes, but now we have realised it.

A friend, who we shall call J. A., started working in a school as a school counsellor. The younger classses were manageable, she tells me, but she went through utter stress the day she had to meet the 16-year-old brats from Class XI for the first time. So what does she do to break the ice? Introduce herself in the following manner:
My name is J. A., and I am not a terrorist.
I kid you not.

On the other hand:
Father: Why did you go to the eye doc if you aren't going to put those drops?
Me: I didn't know he'll give me drops to put!
He was not amused. :-|


Delo said...

Loved reading..........

Anonymous said...

Heh. Couldn't help but smile. :).

Isn't it interesting, that we keep waiting for life-changing events, and fail to realize it is these "inconsequential" events that IS life :).

a traveller said...

:) Indeed.

jonajona said...

and you couldn't think of a better pseudo name? you have to tell people that i went into that classroom right after the release of My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist!!! it has to be in context! haha
and i must tell you all.. the kids did warm up to me... obviously not through this but over the time :)

I can't help but imagine the "good god" expression! hehe and love the middle-aged couple! :)