Wednesday, May 11, 2011

If I tell you...

  1. ...that I'm an HR consultant, it doesn't mean I can find you a job. There's more to HR consulting than recruitments.
  2. ...that I studied psychology for five years, it doesn't mean I can tell you what you're thinking by reading your face. Idjit.
  3. ...that I'm in HR, it doesn't mean you get to gasp in surprise on seeing that I am reasonably intelligent and competent with respect to technology, math, etc.
  4. ...that I'm Bengali, it doesn't mean my diet consists of roshogolla and machher-jhol-bhaat. And no, my name doesn't automatically get pronounced with the "aw" syllable. And please, please don't say the words "aami tomake bhalo bashi" to me.
  5. ...that I'm a romantic and/or read chick lit, it does not disqualify me from being a feminist. Or vice versa, for that matter.
  6. ...that I'm a feminist, it doesn't mean I believe in bra burning. I simply think gender equality is important. Get over yourselves.
  7. ...that I'm 26 and going for my MBA, it doesn't mean my hopes of landing a nice boy for marriage are over. Hopefully. Even if it does, so what? Why does marriage and kids have to be my ultimate goal in life?
  8. ...that I like kids only at a distance, and I'm not sure if I ever want to have kids of my own (even though I've sorta decided what I'll be naming them), why does this make me less of a woman?

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bored@25 said...

Loving this! (a million times over!!)
(This coming from a 27 yr old, single Bengali girl, engg-grad-turned-HR-student-turned-journalist who's on her way to pursue her masters)