Sunday, May 15, 2011


The day the brother's Board results came out, we went to Kasauli for the weekend. I haven't been back since, and I didn't even get to pick up mushroom pickle from NAFED. Hmph.

Barely three months later, he left for Boston, completely unwillingly and unexpectedly. When he came back for his first summer vacation a year later, soon after I finished my post-graduation, we went to Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar for a family holiday. Well, the father went on work, and we sort of tagged along.

A month later, I started working. In the three years since then, I've been to Calcutta, alone for work and with the mother otherwise, to Nasik with the father, and Jaipur with the brother. The brother's been to Ajmer and Assam with the mother, and he's joined the father in Hyderabad and Calcutta. We've all had individual trips - alone, with friends, or with colleagues.

We've all travelled, - but the four of us, together, haven't gone on a holiday in three years.

24 hours from now, the parents and I leave for Boston, to see my kid brother graduate from college. And then the four of us head to the UK for a family holiday.

In a couple of months, the brother takes up his first job, and I join B-school. Who knows when this will happen again?

I should go pack. Dammit.


R said...

travelling stresses me out so I just stay in one place as long as I can :) So unadventurous.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just came across ur blog. Loved it, sweet and simple. Read many posts, will come again for more. Take care!

bored@25 said...

Good luck at B-school :)

a traveller said...

Always nice to come back after a holiday and see such nice comments :D

Thank you both, mysoulitude and bored@25. bored@25, good luck to you too at grad school! :)