Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And again

My one and only visit to Mumbai was in May this year. It was soon after the Jaipur blasts, if I remember correctly, and we happened to go to both the Taj and the J W Marriott. The latter had actually beefed up security to the extent that my purse was put through one of those screening machines - the kind you see at the airport.

The day of the second Delhi blast in October - the one which happened exactly a week after the GK ones - I was in Connaught Place. A friend called from Mumbai to find out if I'm fine and mentioned that he's actually made groups in his phone's contact list - one for each metro city of the country. Makes it easier for him to react and find out about family and friends every time a blast happens.

I'm beginning to realise he has a point.

Back in May, the Taj had no security to speak of. What're you betting that'll change for the next six months at least?

This is sickening.


The Seeker said...

It seems like attacks like those are happening pretty much daily all over the world. Sickening indeed...

ZiggyStrauss said...

No... this one isn't as general as the ones happening daily all over the world. it's bigger. and worse.

Bloody thing's not even over yet. There are people in there who've gone through a day without food or water.

Let the 'terrorists' (cowards, more like) be introduced to the families of the people they killed. And tell the family murder charges will not apply to them

The Seeker said...

I wasn't trying to play it down in any way. Remove the "like those" from my first comment then.