Friday, June 20, 2008

Feelin' extra Indian

I always did love those patriotic/ country-lovin' type of ads, and the latest Maruti ads are no different. Which is ironic, considering the majority stake in that company is no longer Indian.

These remind me of the Hamara Bajaj ads that used to come some time back, which I'd put up here if I wasn't worried about how long a post with three videos will take to load.

One of the things that makes Ranbaxy's sell-out to Daiichi that bit sadder is that Ranbaxy was one of those companies which really was an Indian multinational company that we as Indians could be proud of. Now, it's just another subsidiary of another Japanese company. I met someone this week who said that not only was this not an unexpected happening, but that eventually, all the big Indian companies will sell out. Now, I'm usually quite clueless about anything to do with the financial markets or the corporate world, but isn't this an extremely bleak view to take? I mean, do you really see the Tatas or the Birlas selling out anytime soon? Or at least in the next decade or so?

I'm just feeling extra Indian tonight. It must be the cold.


ZiggyStrauss said...

awww I forgot I miss the new ads as well. Not that the ads are anything great, but they're just one of those things you know?
Whats that first car in the first ad? the big black SUV? I can't recognise it...

Anonymous said...

Try watching some of the older ads...especially the ones for Amul, Cadbury etc...the new ads for cadbury are good too...try reliance comm...they are quite ok as well :)


Outsourcing Professional said...

Traveller, I had the same feelings when I read about Ranbaxy's sell out in the papers. I always used to think...given India's is always surprising that we really don't have any FMCG product that has a global standing. Ofcourse not taking into account our IT and BPO companies.

Outsourcing Professional said...

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Anonymous said...

write more.


a traveller... said...

@JM: I did! The day I put up this post, I spent a considerable amount of time watching old ads on Youtube... including the old Cadbury one where the batsman hits a six and a girl runs out on the field! :)

@Anonymous commenter #2: I'll try! I just need time and a lack of laziness! But there are a few coming soon! Incidentally, do I know you?