Thursday, June 19, 2008


So the person using Bloglines came back to my blog after my last post, but didn't reveal his/her identity. And in case you're back again, whoever you are, please understand that this is a very blatant appeal for comments. I need more commenters. Just the Zig is simply not enough. And that goes for the person from down South who visits every few days too.

I was going through my unpublished drafts last night, and came across the following one. Seems like an interesting mix of thoughts, so figured I'll put it up. I'm just trying to remember what on earth I was up to in October 2006 that didn't let me sleep at night. And exactly which bus incident I'm referring to here. There've been too many of 'em for my liking.

If you live in Delhi, and have never heard of Kake da Hotel, you're an ignorant fool, in my very humble opinion. So there.
My family has patronised that place for more than twenty years now, and it's amazing how unchanged it's stayed over the years. It's still in that dingy little corner shop opposite Nirula's in Connaught Place, with the same hustle bustle. And it's not just the food which draws you there (although that is scrumptious anyway), it's the ambience of the place.
Everyone's in a rush there, the refills keep coming without you even asking, everyone keeps chattering at the top of their voices despite their full mouths... It's brilliant! It's fascinating how people from all walks of life will share a table with utter strangers without batting an eyelid. I have seen the most snobbish of people walk in there and walk out completely satisfied. Ah... Kake! There's just something about that place.

I love filling ice trays. There's something utterly mesmerising about watching how you can let the water fall constantly in just one spot, and then see how it flows from cubicle to cubicle to cubicle. Not the most interesting of things for y'all perhaps, but mundane things things like this are fascinating at times, if you just care to look around you.

It's amazing how a normal night's sleep can completely rejuvenate you.
For the past three weeks or so, I have been surviving on an average of four to five hours of sleep a night, with maybe an hour in the afternoon if I'm lucky. I hit my all-time low since my class 10 Boards when I caught only three and a half hours the other night. My sadistic family (what can I say - it runs in the family) derived great pleasure from watching my bleary-eyed efforts the next morning to get from one room to another without bumping into something.
That night, I decided enough was enough, and made sure I got around six and a half hours of sleep (which is my usual average anyway) and voilĂ ! I was absolutely fit and fine and raring to face the world the next morning!
Of course, since then, I've been averaging about five hours a night again, so I think I'm heading for another breakdown soon.

So I had a rather unnerving experience the other day. No, I won't go into the details, but I would like to say this: I hate the buses of Delhi. More specifically, I hate the men who travel by these buses. I think they're frustrated perverts, who should all be hung, drawn and quartered.


ZiggyStrauss said...

Ummm... you say 'utterly' and 'fascinating' an awful lot... do you not think it reduces the impact?

apart from that, stop talking about food!

though I have an update due on the other blog that might work as revenge

Rahi said...

Utterly is used exactly once, and fascinating is used twice in that entire post. Which was written two years ago.

And I haven't been to Kake since before you left, so stop cribbing.

I say, when did I add word verification again?

Anonymous said...

hi rahi!

so u want a comment frm your bloglines user, eh? well, there are two...i am one...dunno who the other is...:) i've been following your blog for quite sometime nw...saw the address in your orkut profile through some common friends profile..

i will definitely try out Kake the next time i am in cp...didnt know of this place..sounds promising! :)

until next time...ciao!

a traveller... said...

er... the other subscriber would actually be me...!

nice to meet you... stick around... read some more... comment some more... and yes, go to Kake... it's my favoritest restaurant ever! :)

Anonymous said...

And, the visitor from "down south" is me. I am sure u remember that I have a traveling job. I was in South India (Tamil Nadu) for more then a month. Now I am back in gurgaon for 15 days. Will be back again to Kerala for a good 3 months. I am telling in advance so that u know the visitor from "Down south" in ur future blogs :-)

I have now moved my blog to do drop in when time permits.

Absolutely Normal Chaos said...

Hey..I am guessing I'm the other stalker from New Delhi :) Didn't even notice I was being stalked back :P
I'd like to make you guess who I was except my blog URL just gives it all away so I won't even try.
Really like your blog. Type away :)

Fintan said...

I commented once or twice too! Apart from that, I don't have a lot to contribute to this entry right now. Sorry. (but '7 comments' looks better than 6)

hmmm... said...

for one - was the snob me?
two- as for the bus ride it could be the grabbing incident or the number..your pick love

a traveller... said...

who else would it be my lowe?

but then there were multiple grabbing incidents too na...!