Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Trials and tribulations...

Some years back, we bought this set of four stools, to be used when we wanted to eat our meals at the kitchen counter. Whenever possible (that is, when one or more members are absent), I like to take two stools to sit on. It's more convenient that way.

My height has been a source of dissatisfaction for me for as long as I can remember. Not just because I can't reach the top shelf anywhere in the world. No, no, that is the least of my concerns. I have people to do that for me. My problem is with my height itself. 5 feet and half an inch. Yep, half an inch. Not 5 feet nothing, not 5 feet one. No, it had to go and get stuck at just half an inch past five feet.

One of my dearest-yet-annoying-est friends is a giant. I stopped tracking her height years ago, but I can safely say she is well over 7 feet. And thin, to boot. Fairness and equity were clearly not a priority for the Creator when He/She was doling out attributes.

And then there is the fact that while I got stuck at this height in my early teens, the guys my age suddenly decided to all shoot up when we hit our late teens. One day I'm talking to someone very comfortably, the next day I'm getting a freakin' crick in my neck.

I have recently discovered the joys of wearing heels. I resisted them for a long time, because I can never quite walk comfortably in them, but I have now figured out what kind of heels suit me and I am therefore happy. I bought a pair of shoes with the heels about one inch high and realised that would have been a very acceptable height for me. You would've never heard any complaints from me with that height. Well, maybe one or two, but not many, believe me. The two-inch heels I bought, on the other hand, are just a tad too much. I need to bend while standing and writing, or while washing my hands. And let's face it, that's an advantage you tall creatures will never have. Hah.


ZiggyStrauss said...

I am noooot 7 feet. i am a mere 183 cm... i.e. 6 feet and half an inch.

You're 5'0.5''? I thought you were taller. But my height assessment is terrible anyway... I just see the tops of people's heads.

I got my height in my early teens too... only the guys didn't grow. Pretty awkward for a 12 year old. So getting this high up wasn't pleasant... it takes some getting used to. But it's convenient. you can reach things on the high shelves and you've always got air in a crowded lift. there are pros and cons both sides (diplomatic, wot?)

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Fintan said...

Half an inch here too... but still ten more than you. ;) And I think being short has a lot more advantages than being tall... I;m not exactly on the giant end of the scale, but I do sometimes struggle for leg space on cars, planes, trains, buses... and then there's hotel beds (those blankets can be shorter than you may think) and sofas, which is the worst... not having enough space to put my feet up!