Friday, December 14, 2007

Gunfire in Gurgaon

Columbine High School. Virginia Tech. You hear about the shootings at these schools and think, Oh my God, that's horrifying. And then you think, oh but this is the US we're talking about. Which in some ways is as scary as the fact that the incident itself.

Now this. In your country. In your city. Granted, you don't know these people or anyone who goes to this school. But you live in the same city as them. And it's as horrifying as any other massacre or shooting that may happen on the other side of the world.

And you've got to wonder, what's happening to the world? Where two 13-year-olds take their father's gun and shoot another boy their age in cold blood?

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ZiggyStrauss said...

I seek 'solace' in the fact that we're not as bad as the US of A 'cause at least it wasn't mindless klling of innocent people who never did them any harm. 'pparently the guy was making their lives miserable so they were all... y'know... let's do away with him. It wasn't entirely 'mindless' nor was it a massacre. We're not yet as bad.

you won't, but if any commenters to follow try and accuse me of CONDONING this action, I will take their IP address from your statcounter and track them down and BREAK THEIR NECKS!!!

Peace out :)