Friday, November 30, 2007

A quick rant

Why are people such morons?

Do you really think, when you're stuck in a traffic jam, that the persons in front of you are not moving their cars because they get some sadistic pleasure out of getting you stuck? Or that they wouldn't zip right off if they just could? So how does honking away like a maniac help matters any? Other than increase the levels of noise pollution and drive me crazy?

And then there are the idiots who simply persist in driving at night with their headlights at full beam. I mean, come on. You can see the lights of the car coming towards you. Why blind the person driving that? You can see there are people in the car parked in front of you. You can see me squinting away while walking home. Would you just do me a favour and turn off the damn full beam?

I tell you, it's a country full of idiots.

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ZiggyStrauss said...

I know...

If you can drive here you can drive anywhere!