Monday, January 22, 2007

Epiphany - Part II

There are times, when you look around you and realize it's complete hypocrisy on your part to call yourself an idealist and wonder why things are the way they are, because the truth is, there's nothing you're doing to make things any better. Ranting about it on your blog doesn't really accomplish anything, now does it?

Today was one of those days for me. It wasn't some earth-shattering incident. It was a scene anyone on the roads of Delhi would have seen pretty much everyday of his or her life. Yet it suddenly drove home the fact that there is so much more misery in the world than I have ever experienced. And despite my opinions or cynicism or even ideas, there is nothing I have ever done in my entrie life that could possibly have helped to alleviate any of that misery. And that is what makes me a hypocrite.

There are also times, when no matter how much you love the people around you, you tend to wish they were a bit more on the same wavelength as you; that they would be a tad bit more accepting of the turmoil within you. I can almost predict what the comments for this entry are going to be like!

So yes, to answer a question asked in response to my previous post, it is one of those times.


ZiggyStrauss said...

You love your labels, do you not?

I think the same thing. Recently in fact. The bystander effect is one of the spookiest social psychology findings. If we could get rid of it, the world would be a better place.

People are never on the same wavelength as me... very very very few are. I don't expect them to be and in return I'm not on the same wavelength with them. I don't understand in my hypomanic situation why people get depressed and bring their friends down with them. I must bring that up at some (more regular) point. it's one of my numerous hang ups.

How is what I just said relevant? I don't know... I like to talk.

mit said...

so what did u c on the road?

Anonymous said...

You can do lots …..

….Make it a point to help at least help one person each day in whatever possible way you can … is an ancient saying/practice but a lot of it is all sound and not actions….so start by helping yourself ……. Stop thinking ‘mal’ about yourself, and then… posting such thoughts… and then forcing each one of us(whoever reads them) feel guilty and hypocritical … so effectively, over a period of time u would end up helping many people….yourself, me, the others …!!!

Do make the necessary ‘diplomatic’ changes before posting this!!


Abhishek said...

If you really want to HELP someone traveller help your self first.

p.s:The N no. of changes on your blog makes me belive your liking this Beta thing now arn't you? :-p