Tuesday, January 30, 2007

5 things...

*sigh* I got "tagged". So here go 5 things you didn't know about me...
  1. I can't cut vegetables to save my life. They come out all weirdly shaped.
  2. I feel perpetually cold. Including in the summers with the fan on.
  3. I don't like coffee. The smell itself makes me feel queasy.
  4. I like to organize everything into labelled folders, be it my mail, bank papers or study material. Problem is, I'm too lazy to put them into their respective folders when i get them, so everything ends up messy anyhow.
  5. All through my teens, it was completely instinctive for me to look at any vehicle on the roads and immediately add up its number to check if it was divisible by 3!!!
So there you go. You probably knew most of those. Ziggystrauss & Abhishek, I hereby "tag" you. Go on, what don't I know about you?!?


ZiggyStrauss said...

moi? I tagged you excyooz me. I'm not repeating. And these are pretty uselss five things except the 4th and 5th ones.

Anonymous said...

labeling i kno-mr.belkin..but coffee?..hmm..

Abhishek said...

Ah !Its kinda difficult to churn out 5 things that you dont know about me but i ll try ..:)

1.I never like to go to a Temple.

2.I am recently been infected by Procastination.

3.I have 25 pairs of Shoes.

4.I work 14 hours a day.

5.This is the first time in 2 years that i have attended college so regulary.

p.s:When can i expect a "THANK YOU " letter for making you shift to Beta :D

a traveller... said...

erm... you're supposed to put them on your blog.
re: beta, do you see my lovely rain background anywhere? do you?

Abhishek said...

This one is much better and the Harry potter countdown Rocks!!
u wud have neva got that on ur previous blog..moti!

I am too lazy to put it on my blog...My days of blogging are over...actually they neva started...;)

Moments of truth said...

Hey there! Thanks for leaving footprints on my blog :) This one's a great read!! Made me laugh at the last "tag"!