Friday, November 17, 2006

I'm sorry... I didn't plan to!

It's a good thing I neither went into journalism, nor have any plans of doing so. I think journalism, or at least the kind of journalism I'm talking about, involves a certain amount of objectivity or detachment from the facts of whatever you might be reporting. I don't have that.

There is no doubt the possibility that I might develop such an attitude in the future, but as of now, I don't see that happening. These days, I tend to get a little too worked up about most things that I read about in the papers.

I read this article earlier this week, and all I could think was, "momentary lapse"?!? Bull. Even if it was, the girl was eight years old people!!! How can you forget the utter brutality of what she underwent simply because it wasn't planned?!? Oh, and the fact that the so-and-so didn't kill her, but simply left her to bleed to death really does let him off the hook, doesn't it? And of course it doesn't fall under the category of "rarest of rare" cases, because child sexual abuse is so bloody common in this country.

Someone I know is of the opinion that Santosh Singh was given the death penalty solely because of the public opinion surrounding the case. I'm beginning to believe he's right. Do we really need to create public outrage every single time we want to see justice? Is creating a brouhaha the only way we can get justice?

I was a much happier person before I started reading the newspapers.


Whiner said...


i like the way you write! one can easily connect to you without any effort.

a traveller... said...

Thank you! Do I know you though?

ZiggyStrauss said...

Ah this should work!

Why are you reading the papers then? I wonder if these crimes are more common here or in the West.

You know... IF I ever get down to writing about the unfairness that is life, it'll be the most complicated, contradictory and LONG entry ever (and that's saying a lot)

In short - hey, life's unfair... what're you gonna do?

Abhishek said...

Well firstly i think any person ,who commits a RAPE ,in any given circumstance should NOT be spared the Noose!.

As this is not the case right now, i would stand by the judges who didn't term the case as "rarest of rare",solely because these people have themselves seen ,judged,so many rape cases ,and if they believe it's not a Rarest of rare case (a prerequisite to give death penalty)
i will have to take that.

Anonymous said...

try .... the world here is as rosy as u want it to be .... just don't start getting jealous ....


a traveller... said...

@abhishek: I know such an incident isn't rare. That's what gets me so riled up. And despite their 'experience', those judges are still stoopid.

@sandy: Ooh I like that site! Thanks! :)