Friday, October 13, 2006

What they will never know...

There's a lot non-animal lovers will never understand or know.

Non-animal lovers will never understand just what a pet means to us animal lovers. They will never understand that to us, bringing home a pet is the same as bringing home a babe in arms; to us, getting a pet is the same as adopting a child.

They will never understand that our pets are family to us, that they are considered in every important family decision that is taken. They will never understand that no matter how much we crib about having to take care of our pet, we miss all those little duties terribly the second we no longer have to do them. They will never understand that no matter how beautiful an outing or a holiday has been, at the back of our mind is the constant thought and worry about how our pet must be coping. They will never know the misery we feel when we look into the mournful eyes of our pet as soon as he/she realises we are going off somewhere without him/her.

They will never know the warmth we feel when our dog stands to greet us at the front door, having sensed our arrival as soon as we entered the lane, wagging his/her tail in joy at seeing us again. They will never know the peace that can be experienced simply by sitting on the floor, with a hand on your pet who is sprawled next to you. They will never know the calm that can settle in you when your pet senses your inner turmoil and comes to nudge you with his/her nose.

They will never know the sheer joy of rolling in the grass with your dog like a little child. They will never know how soothing it is to just pet your dog, and of course, how exasperating it is when you want to remove your hand, and he/she looks at you like you've committed some cardinal sin.

They will also never know the utter trauma of knowing your dog is suffering, and that you are helpless to do anything about it. They will never know the complete wretchedness of having to take a decision that will end his/her suffering, but also his/her life. And luckily for them, they will never know the grief we go through when we lose our beloved pet.

There's a lot they will never know.


R said...

The world would be a better place if run by dogs... as long as the dogs aren't pomeranians.
animals make much more sense than people too. Puppies and kittens are vuter than babies, easier to train, more cosy, self-sufficienter, more useful, less financial strain and you don't need to worry about education and college and things.

What bout of insanity possesses people to make them want children?!

Anonymous said...

I can understand your feelings though I never had a pet.

You write beautifully and thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

when u write 'they', i feel as if I am one of the people to whom this piece of wriitng has been addressed to.

and I don't mind 'bitching' dogs in particular!

during my jampot(jamshedpur) days, my new neighbour had bought home a new dog; ...DOGS !! it was a 'pom' ...and it had a wonderful habit of 'not-barking' on 2 ocassions - while eating and while sleeping ...and interestingly it used to sleep or eat only when I would go to school .... so it used to bark san-cess.. and bark mighty loud esp. in the evenings, nights and early mornings ... not everyone wake up with murderous intentions .... but I used to stay awake many a night with similar intentions ... imagine u r (trying to rather)burning the mid-night oil before board exams.. and, well ...... lets forget those bitter days ...

...and i did forget them... before one of my very dear friend was bit by his own dog (who was with him for almost 5 years)...he still has the pain ... i still have the animosity towards 'such' dogs ...these incidents have been 'dogging' me since many days now...

so pets, esp dogs are good as long as they are yours, not necessarily for everyone else!!


R said...

Did I not JUST say not to trust Poms? Dogs are the most beautiful creatures on earth... them and dolphins and elephants and maybe hippopotamii (yes, that's the plural). Some people would add pigs to the list too. But most animals have a lot more sense than humans.

I don't think the dog has to be your own. My dog was put down when I was 12. I still looooove dogs even if they are like Kyra and are terrified of me and go woof, woof, woof, woof, woof. I live off other people's dogs. Even if I never met the other people in my life.

Being the owner of a dog doesn't mean you are safe from dog wounds. You ARE going to get bitten if you have a dog. I've had major dog bites - one that went through my fingernail and a recent gory one whose scar I can still see. It's part of the deal. Dogs have teeth, dogs have claws and injuries are guaranteed.

a traveller said...

Now you see, during my boards, my lovely neighbours decided to have a loud party in the middle of the night, as a result of which my dad had to go yell at them. At least your neighbour's dog had the excuse of not knowing his barking would disturb people around him.

I like dolphins!!! And most birds - as long as they don't live in my A.C and keep me awake all night and dirty my verandah. I don't mind them living in my brother's A.C.

Anonymous said...

It was 1992 sometime in October, when i was at my Grandmom's Place when my dad gifted me "Stuffy", inspite of my Mom's Disapproval .

But She said ntg when a verbal report was presented to her about who would be managing his food , the morning and evening walks .but slowly and gradually the everyone seem to fall in love with a cute little .Everyone Eager to take him for walks , like it was a small baby and everone wanted it in his or her arms.

Time passed,and he became a family member ,he accompanied us where ever we went from Nanital ,Shimla ,jaipur kullu .. everywhere.He did whatever we did..or ate , a seperate burger , a seperate pizza..Sometimes i thought Who's the Dog in our house ?... " My brother " :D .

Lately is been really ill ,2 weeks back , he was on the bed with NO hope of recovery .Whole night we were awake Checking if he was breathing , the morining was cold and for the first time my dad went for a walk without his child ,tears fell from every eye.

There was time we had to decide if an Injection ,would be the solution to what everyone suggested "He might be suffering ",but we prob cudn't take that decision.coz everyone loved him.

there were times ppl saw our sad faces and asked why? on our answer that my dog isnt wel , dint go really wel , Coz they wud never understand the it's a dog when u bring him for the frist time but after 15 years with u , he is prob better than anyone in ur family.!

Only a animal lover wud know tha a dog or any animal for that matter is as gud as a family care ,love him like you wud do any one else.

Thnks for the post traveller.i really appreciate it.!

Anonymous said...

And i'll never know why these days you only have time to reprimand me with a stern 'Ky......' Why don't you pat me anymore?The walks seem forced too......