Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just a note to say...

This always happens. I have periods of extreme verbosity, and I churn out entry after entry. Then just when I start feeling smug about how regular I've become, I go and hit a period of writer's block.

So as usual, I've started about half a dozen entries in the last couple of weeks, none of which have seen the light of day yet, and most of which probably won't.

Therefore, solely to amuse myself, I decided to spruce things up a little around here. So if you're new here, you might... er... need to highlight some of the earlier entries so you can read them - the colours didn't quite come out right. And who knows, maybe there'll even be an entry before vacation ends!


ZiggyStrauss said...

I always have that but I get so freaked out about making an entry on what I go through in case it happens again. I am such a miser I scrimp on blog entries too

Stupid Chap said...

Hiya !!...OMG ! the new Look is Pretty Kwel...keep the good work UP !.

Reading your entries it actually Gives the impression that ur other side of this Translucent glass speaking those words.....with these beautiful water droplets...!!
Good job !

Anonymous said...

a bit too loud ... i mean the background brown(or chocolate) is a bit too 'brown', and does not exactly complement the yellow ... but these things hardly matter as long as the words you put are good, and they are pretty good (i refer to yr previous entries)


Abhishek said...

NOW I KNOW,How it feels to hit the Writer's Block .[:(]