Thursday, November 10, 2016


I would like to focus my energies today to talk about the one thing that has made utterly sad in the past few week or so - my makeup.

I have had a very serious and weird outbreak of acne in the past few weeks. Not the one or two pimples I get on a regular basis, but enough to practically cover my face. To the point where even my usually fairly unobservant brother made a comment about it when he saw me a few days ago. So I had to figure out what on earth was going on, and eventually realized it was because I changed the foundation I use recently.

One of my favourite brands of makeup - and one of only two or three brands I am willing to spend more than what drugstore brands would cost me - is Bobbi Brown. I was introduced to their products five years ago by my friend S, and use multiple products by them now (by which I mean two - eyeliner and hydrating cream -  because I use exactly three products every morning).

So, anyway, last year I was introduced to Maybelline's foundation stick, which was excellent because liquid foundation is not a friend to me or my clothes. And then a few months ago, I discovered Bobbi Brown has also introduced a line of foundation sticks. This was exciting, but also draining on the wallet, so I waited a while before I actually picked it up and started using it. And, as it now strikes me, promptly started getting a whole lot of pimples.

I switched back to Maybelline this weekend, and my face is already clearing up, so seemingly that was the issue. But this makes me sad, because now I have Bobbi Brown foundation sticks that I have paid good money for and can't use. And friends who have my skin tone live too far away for me to distribute.

So, yeah, this is what is making me sad currently. Nothing else. Definitely not any other events in the past 48 hours. Nope.


Farheen Zehra said...
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Farheen Zehra said...

Uff! I can totally understand your predicament. It's always so risky to try out new products if one has acne prone skin. A suggestion: don't use the hydrating cream unless you have really dry skin. I have oily skin and I use a very small quantity, and by small I mean really tiny, of the Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream. It's a cream but it's in gel form so it's not very greasy. Also, it's much cheaper than Bobbi Brown.

I'm big on makeup and I've used a few Bobbi Brown products over the years but never really liked their foundations and powders. MAC is my best friend. Have you tried it?

Sorry for the information overload but I know how distressing it can be to have acne. Hope your skin clears soon and yeah, drink lots of water! :)

a traveller said...

I do have somewhat dry skin, so moisturizers and hydrating cream are my lifelines.

I don't use MAC out of principle - their stores have been incredibly rude and snarky to me in every corner of the globe at this point, so I refuse to buy anything by them even though almost all my friends and family keep telling me they're amazing!