Sunday, August 09, 2015

On things that don't change

Ten years ago, a friend's father came to pick us up from campus after the two of us were done with classes for the day. As we got into the car, he told us since we both refused to learn how to drive, we should marry guys who would be able to afford drivers to drive us around. To which I had responded, "or you know, I could get a job and pay a driver's salary myself."

Today, a friend and I went shopping, and then to her place, where she showed her husband her purchases, and explained to him exactly why she had bought she had, and why it all made perfect sense. And after he rolled his eyes and approved of everything, she turned to me to explain this is why you marry a guy who lets you buy whatever. To which I responded, "or you know, stay single and not have to justify anything at all." To which her husband grinned and nodded.


Shwetha Bangera said...

I really hope none of my single friends think of a retort like this! I have been away from blogging for a while and your blog was the first one I checked after logging in :)

a traveller said...

I really hope none of your single friends are constantly being told how they absolutely HAVE to get married. Thank you for checking back in! :)

Farheen Zehra said...

Or marry a guy who just shares your enthusiasm for shopping and doesn't demand justifications.

Disclaimer: Such guys are almost extinct!