Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bein' home

In the last 26 days, I have...

  • The Mine, by Arnab Ray
  • The Hunger Games trilogy
  • The Godfather by Mario Puzo
For someone who has read practically nothing in the last two-three years, this is quite impressive.

  • All four seasons of Coupling
  • Both seasons of Sherlock
  • Both seasons of Downton Abbey, though some episodes seem to be missing from what I have procured, and also I only realised halfway through the show that it is Downton and not Downtown.
  • The season finales of Community, Castle and Once Upon a Time
  • Ishaqzaade
  • The Avengers
  • The IPL final

  • Gol gappas and samosas at the neighborhood shop
  • Genuine Indian Chinese food at a dingy street stall
  • Calamari at HRC, Delhi
  • Mughlai paratha at Kingdom of Dreams - could've been better, could've been worse.
  • Aloo ke parathas at Jhilmil Dhaba, Karnal - with dollops of Amul butter and dahi
  • Mushroom achaar and apple juice from the NAFED (now called HPMC, I think) stall at Jabli 
  • Butter Chicken at Giani da Dhaba, en route to Kasauli
  • Thukpa and momos in a dingy little shop in Lower Mall, Kasauli
  • Chai at Ross Common, Kasauli - a charming little hotel where we've stayed when I was a kid
  • Chicken rolls at Badshaah, New Market
  • Breakfast at Flury's
  • Pretty awesome vegetarian sizzlers in Patna's only mall
  • My favorite dishes at The Monk, Gurgaon
  • The mother's aloo posto, luchi-mangsho, shepherd's pie, and dosas
  • The father's salami sandwiches

  • Jabli, Kasauli, and Chandigarh. With the princess in tow, because the hotel we were staying in let us bring her along, and gave us a lovely little "studio cottage" which came with a tiny kitchen where we could make her khana too
  • Kolkata, to meet the grandmother
  • Patna, to visit the brother

I did NOT get to:

  • have Bhutta
  • visit the Inayat Khan dargah in Nizammuddin for Friday evening qawwalis, followed by a meal at Karim's
  • go to Kake da Hotel
  • have Shorshe-bata or any of mum's fish dishes
  • eat at Big Chill
  • go into Delhi as much as I would've liked, or visited CP, or Khan Market, or Dilli Haat
  • go swimming

It's been a good month. Short, though.


OLED said...

Kalamari at HRC?!

a traveller said...

Actually, now that you mention it, it was calamari and prawns. Tiny ones. The idjits changed their menu.

Rimi said...

Damn. Despite the things you didn't get to do, that is an absolutely brilliant list!