Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More impressions

Am I homesick? I don't know. Too soon to tell, surely.

I miss the chaos of Delhi. The noise. The constant honking on the roads of Gurgaon. Even the traffic jams.

I miss the loud and colourful Pepsi and Coca Cola hoardings on shops in the local market.

I miss the father's voice. The princess' entreating eyes. The mother's quibbling over my room.

I looked out of the car window while coming home tonight and I could see hundreds of stars. That's how clear the sky is. But I couldn't see Orion's belt, which is usually what I see if I look straight up standing at the gate back home.

I look for familiarity everywhere. So the early morning cool air and the green trees remind me of Kasauli. The drive around a residential area in downtown tonight reminded me of military cantonment areas back home. And the restaurant we went to felt like The Big Chill for a while.

So am I homesick? Maybe a little. And to think it's only been a week. And school hasn't even started.


R said...

jeez worst international student blog ever, how about some stories

antiglam superstar! said...

O traveller.. Don't worry.. you won't have time for home sickness once classes start.

@R haha! I know, right? Gossip mangta hai!

R said...

Yah I mean we already know what India is liek baar baar batane ka kya faayda. Foreign ka batao na.

a traveller said...

Mean people :(

Antara said...