Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A quick rant

The mother is one of the best teachers I've ever come across. Students she taught in Class III more than a decade ago still keep in touch with her, and talk about how she impacted their lives. She genuinely loves children, and for her, it wasn't so much about teaching, but about helping the kids she taught.

Despite all this, she was always very clear that she wouldn't put up with organizational politics. Whenever things got messy, she chose to leave a school rather than have to deal with the murkiness that politics can bring.

Right now, at this very moment, I really really wish I had the courage to do that. I am sick and tired of people not showing ownership for their work, of whining because they have to handle five things simultaneously, and going and pulling down colleagues to cover up their own mistakes. And I am really sick and tired of people allowing interpersonal issues to affect project delivery.

We're all multi-tasking, for God's sake, and we're all working to meet our clients' requirements. And we're all dealing with numerous phone calls, emails, and cranky clients while trying to actually meet our deliverables. If you can't handle that, get the hell out of consulting.

I'm a workaholic, yes, and I have no social life. So I will probably continue to give everything I have to this organization. But when people behave like that, you really wish you could just drop everything and go.

And for once, I wouldn't give a damn if my colleagues read this post and got to know exactly what I think of them: that they're juvenile, petty, and immature people, who don't know the meaning of the word loyalty.


antiglam superstar! said...

QUIT! QUIT! QUIT! (That's mainly why
I quit.) QUIT!

That's me said...

I still haven't started working but I could somehow related to it because I had to work with seriously petty people for my college project. I thought things would be better once I started work. Alas!

Delo said...

I'd call that being an escapist which isn't very brave and you are.For the record, left everytime it impacted kids,which,yes,wasn't very brave of Mamma again............. and you are/will be always.Proud of you,girl!Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog recently...good stuff ..nice to see you posting again...

The Seeker said...

Maybe dropping everything and going IS the best decision here. That sort of situation is going to be very difficult to resolve itself.