Monday, June 14, 2010

School days

My rides to office have become very reminiscent of my school days. In school, it was a well-known fact that I never reached the bus stop on time. My poor kid brother would have to tell the bus driver every morning "meri Didi aa rahi hai", as I would come running round the corner (unless the father had agreed to drop me) and board the bus with everyone glaring at me.

My colleague and I share a cab to work these days, since neither of us drives. The cab we've hired drops us to work and goes to pick up kids from a summer camp, and since the driver can't be late for them, we have to leave much earlier than what we're used to as well.

I suspect he's soon going to lose his temper with me. My house is the first stop, and three out of five mornings, I exit from the house, he sees me and starts the engine, and then stops it again because I've had a facepalm moment and gone back in to get something I've forgotten.

Every morning, while I wait to pick up my colleague outside her apartment building, I see this group of security guards looking thoroughly bored while they're briefed for the day by their supervisor. Briefing over, a whole lot of backslapping and waving to each other happens, and then they disperse to take up their positions for the day in the various apartment buildings along that road.

Very, very reminiscent of school days.


Charulatha said...

Feel Nostalgic !! and I used to go in rickshaws and later cycled to school

ZiggyStrauss said...

oh GOD you're one of those #fail. I HATE waiting, hate it hate it hate it. My fellow carpooler in college used to make me wait. You don't like her, remember? but my GOD you're just like her! I HATE WAITING, it makes me furious. I MADE IT ON TIME, IF YOU CAN'T THEN STAY HOME. stupid late people.

a traveller said...

I am NOT like her, I'm always out within a minute of the cab reaching. Did I EVER keep you waiting when you would pick me up.

And I was ALWAYS apologetic about the school bus having to wait - she never was.

Hence, not like her :P

antiglam superstar! said...

School days. I pass my school and your school on my way to work everyday. I see our sports teacher walk in my colony everyday. It's like I'm stuck in the same place and the same old times. I need a change of place. :(

illmatic_s said...

Totally understand. I have my usual 'I miss school' lapses. Pass the school building here and then but, have never entered it since I passed out. I should someday.

The Seeker said...

But in school your parents probably always told you to get all your things ready the night before :p (when you were ten at least.)