Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thoughts of the Day

a) I am clearly following the wrong people on twitter.
b) I get the maximum tweetable/bloggable thoughts when I'm travelling and have absolutely no access to the Internet.
c) At least the Jet and IA in-flight magazines have things worth reading. Kingfisher, on the other hand, persists in distributing that God-awful Hi! magazine. WHY would I want to stare at picture of people who seem to have nothing better to do than pose for photos in clothes and accessories that a, I can't afford, and b, look downright weird and uncomfortable half the time?
d) Why do things seem to happen when I go to Bangalore?!? Last time I was there, the CM of Andhra Pradesh disappeared. Today, a train with more than a 1000 passengers got hijacked and was held hostage for 5 hours. And yet, all the twitterati of India seems to be talking about is iPhones and some Fashion Week that seems to be on.

My rant against twitter really is due, innit?

Also, an open letter à la India Uncut:

Dear man in the hotel room in the Radisson,

When your room is directly in front of a flyover, it would be truly appreciated if you didn't stand in front of your television in your underwear with your curtains wide open. It wasn't a particularly pleasant sight in my half-asleep state.

Thank you.


The Seeker said...

There are people who read those in-flight magazines?

a traveller said...

Not when its "Hi!"!!!

The other ones are interesting... they talk about places I long to visit! :(

R said...

I'm obviously following all the right ones, I just got back from a long, lovely day with a friend I made on there :D

Also - I tweet by sms when I have something to say.

a traveller said...

Twitter won't let me verify my phone!!! x-(

R said...

Not to forget, I owe my fame and fortune (thanks to DiS and DMG and Drone) and contact with idolised musicians (who contributed to fame and fortune) to Twitter as well.