Monday, July 27, 2009

The universal conspiracy strikes again

I officially hate lizards.

I got stranded in the rain today yet again (what is it with sudden rainstorms and me walking on the road?). It was past 8.30 PM and not a single rickshaw on the road. I managed to reach a nearby market and take shelter there.

These poor moths were getting attracted by the light of the ATM, flying towards it, banging into the glass door and sliding down. And these four huge lizards were sitting there, waiting to bring out their tongue and grab the next moth to fall.



ZiggyStrauss said...

I love lizards, they're gorgeous creatures. I don't like cockroaches, but lizards are great, they get rid of pests. Never been afraid of them, only a little intimidated by their awesomeness.

antiglam superstar! said...

My sister is scared of lizards. Even the fake ones. You tell her that and she goes, "I'm not scared.. they just gross me out!" Oh she's SCARED of lizards. :P

The Seeker said...

You'd pick moths over lizards?

I like lizards. And geckos. I like how they're everywhere here.

a traveller... said...

I normally like lizards. But these guys were... brutal. And mean. And BIG. Like hoodlums. :-/

The Seeker said...

:D I see. Hoodlum lizards.

Two days ago I saw four (grown, strong) dogs trying to kill a kitten. One dog was just sinking its teeth into the poor thing when someone shooed them away.