Thursday, January 01, 2009

In retrospect

So my New Year sucked. Well, the stroke of midnight was fine, but the day's been pretty lousy. And considering my mum's always believed that your year will go the way the first of the year goes, you can bet my 2009 is going to be just dandy.

Having said that, 2008 was an interesting year. Plenty of firsts, if nothing else.

My first job, my first experiences of work related travel, my first travels alone.

My first trip to Kolkata which wasn't just about visiting relatives. My first holiday in Bombay. A quick trip to Goa where I did nothing but attend a wedding and work in the hotel room, but where I did manage to fit in my experience of parasailing. Which by the way, was completely terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I had no intention of going up (have I ever told you how freaking terrified of heights I am? Seriously, even standing on a chair makes me dizzy), those guys pretty much just grabbed me and wrapped me up, and sent me up, and I was so freaked out that even the guy who goes up with you could sense my paranoia. But at that one moment, when we were turning back and the boat pulling us stopped for a split second, and I looked out west with my heart in my mouth? I saw the sun actually go down, and that moment made it totally worth it. I'm never doing it again of course, but I'm glad I was forced to do it this one time.

I started using social networking a lot more this - last - year. I joined Twitter, started using LinkedIn rather effectively, and even started a second blog, which really does need a lot more attention from me.

2008 was also when I got a little more used to my brother being away from home. When I learned to manage my "finances" by myself (which isn't really much, considering I'm living at home, but it's a step!). When I learned a little bit more about going out and meeting people - professionally, that is. On the personal front? Still as clueless as ever.

I don't see that last bit changing in 2009, but here's hoping all of you have a wonderful year. A whole lot better than my first of the year was at any rate.


The Seeker said...

If it's any consolation, I don't believe in that kind of stuff. I'm more bothered about the last day of a year - which sucked for the most part. And 2008 really let me down. It can only get better, right?
Parasailing sounds nice by the way. Happy new year - who knows, it might have really nice things in store.

ZiggyStrauss said...

My first day of the new year sucked too. But I take that as a sign that the rest of the year WON'T (much) because there's too much hype on 1st January anyway.

antiglam superstar! said...

On 1st Jan I thought I'd start working the moment I stepped into my office (rather than checking mails and blogs and all that jazz..) but I forgot the keys to my file cabinet and did nothing for the 1st half of the day! Today's better, thankyou..its after 12 p.m. that I distract myself with checking mails and blogs and..)There's still hope! You have a very merry new yearry!

Runjoo said...

that wasnt the least like my post: had your stamp all over it!

happy new yr 2009...hope you have a rocking one!

a traveller... said...

@Runjoo: Well yes, I noticed that myself. But then, whenever I reveal I'm going to do something on my blog, I've noticed it never works out that way! :s