Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Dark Knight: My reaction

Oh my God I am just back from seeing The Dark Knight and I absolutely have to talk about it because it was so freakin' brilliant.

I sound like an excited teenager. Ok. Breathe.

Seriously, the movie is brilliant. For once, a movie lived up to every bit of hype there was regarding it. The screenplay is fantastic, and the music was giving me the heebie-jeebies. Every single performance in the movie was superb, but Heath Ledger just... beat everyone hollow. And it just pains me that he can never reprise that role. Because no other actor can ever take that role on. I was literally exhaling loudly after each of his scenes; they were that intense.

There's this line The Joker maaroes somewhere along the way:
“Do I look like i have a plan? No, I’m a dog chasing a car, if I caught it I’d have no idea what to do with it. I don’t plan things i just do.”
Forget how brilliant the line itself is, the way Ledger delivers it is actually mind blowing.

There is also this "social experiment" that he carries out in the movie, which I won't get into the details of, in case there's someone out there who still wants to see the movie and hasn't yet. Suffice to say that it was absolutely fascinating, and I really really wish some psychology prof would have the courage to carry it out for real. The movie's logic for the outcome was along the lines of the innate goodness of humans, which I don't really buy. I think in real life the outcome of that experiment would have been very different. However, as the brother pointed out, it may be the same, but not so much due to the goodness in people, but more because of a lack of guts to actually do it. And of course, The Joker's expression when he finds out how it turned out was perfect.

The brother is absolutely delighted that there is finally one action movie that he and I have both loved and can discuss. And it's true; I usually don't enjoy such movies. I prefer lighter movies and books; I'm very superficial that way. But this movie... God it was brilliant. Have you noticed the complete lack of side notes in brackets while writing this post? The conclusion notwithstanding?

I'm also a little bit in love with Christian Bale now. Although his mysterious Batman voice was a bit annoying. But I have to get hold of Batman Begins and see that now. And I need to get hold of more adjectives to describe brilliance. And I really should go to sleep now.

But this movie deserves a whole bunch of Oscars. Especially Screenplay and Actor.


R said...

The only Batman movie I haven't seen yet.... he's my favourite u no. I dunno when I'll see it.. but Batman getting an Oscar? No no no!

a traveller said...

No no no... Batman will not get an Oscar. The Joker has to get the Oscar. You have to see Heath Ledger's performance to know what I'm talking about. He has to get it.

A Random Traveler said...

This Batman is freaking different because of this Harvey and the plot of Joker. Truly amazing yes. The director also deserves an award. But Heath ledger and screenplay for sure!!

Enjoyed every second of it.

I felt, it depicted todays hungry society in a beautiful fashion through the characters and plot.

The Seeker said...

Why do I only see this blog a week after you posted it, and a week after I watched the movie too?
I'm quite enthusiastic about it as well. Batman's never been my cup of tea at all (I'm all for films based on comic books, but not Batman)... I only really went to see it because of the Joker and because it got such great reviews.
The Joker really WAS brilliant. And in hindsight I dunno why the movie was about Batman at all because I really can't remember a single thing he did or said... in terms of portraying Batman, I think either the actor or whoever wrote the screenplay did a bad job (sorry). But I'm not complaining at all. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie that there was so much stuff about that Harvey guy.
About the experiment... I thought that was great too. I don't think it would've ended the way it did in the movie either, but reading your entry, your brother may just be right... I found myself thinking 'Oh just do it ffs' half the time, but I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for what would've happened then either.

Um...I need a blog it seems. :p

Vaudevillian said...

is it bad that I find this funny?

a traveller said...
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a traveller said...

@Fintan: Well my brother says this opne was supposed to set it up for future movies with Two-Face... giving you the background so to speak. But the interactions between The Joker and Two-Face were supposed to be a classisc part of the original stories, so with Heath Ledger gone, I don't see how they'll deal with that.
So when do we get to see your blog?

@MM: Oh dear... so did I!
Incidentally, how do you put a hyperlink in a blog comment?

The Seeker said...

Ah okay... I didn't know that.
And they could always ask Jack Nicholson again :p

My blog? Hmm.. how about 2015?

Vaudevillian said...

oh just use the normal a href tag