Friday, October 26, 2007

"Usko humne chir diya..."

In my first year of college, I had joined one of those compulsory societies where you have to complete a certain number of hours of social service over the year in order to get your clearance to give your final exams. Some time in September, the society organized a documentary screening, for which we would all get 5 hours' credit.

The documentary screened that day was about the Godhra riots. It had interviews with victims, talking about what they went through. There was a young boy interviewed, not more than 9 or 10 years old, who spoke in a dull voice about seeing his pregnant aunt's womb slit open with a sword. I came home that night and howled in front of my father.

Today, I read a transcript of Babu Bajrangi's description of how he did exactly what I had heard about all those years ago.

Five days ago, I started a blog entry about Durga Puja. Today, I feel almost ashamed to call myself a Hindu. The first thing almost any religion in the world teaches is peace and tolerance and love. Not this. Never this.

If you haven't read the current issue of Tehelka yet, do so here.


antiglam superstar! said...

Do I believe in God?
Am I religious?
The holy wars fought in the name of God make me question the very existence of God.. and that is a scary thought.

susheel said...

It really numbs me when I read these things..How can anyone in there mind be so cruel?

No - these are no Godmen, they are Madmen. They are traders of hate.

It really shames me to see these things happening in my country..

ZiggyStrauss said...

You know... I think THIS one is your best entry till date. Even if it's short.

I don't call myself a hindu anymore. I don't want to be associated with religion. In any case, there is no God. I could talk for days about how idiotic human beings actually have enough of an ego to think that any higher power would give a f*ck about them. If there IS a God, he doesn't care if you live or die, and that's just the way it should be.